Bangkok Beauty Secrets Revealed

The seemingly timeless beauty of Thai women of all ages is something that is remarked upon often in beauty and style magazines all over the world as well as by Western visitors to Thailand, especially when visiting Bangkok where it seems a beautiful woman is always just in front of you.

So what is it that Bangkok women do that makes them look so beautiful at any age? What are their tricks for that dewy looking skin and beautifully enhanced eyes? Here we can let you in on just a few of their ‘secrets’.

The Double Cleanse

Double Cleanse

Women in the East are always very concerned about the importance of a clean visage, so much so that on average a woman in Thailand will happily spend four times more than her Western counterparts on cleansers, toners and moisturizers. And one cleanse every session is never considered enough.

The ‘Double Cleanse‘ begins with massaging a cleansing oil onto the skin of the face and neck (there are lots of great options available in Bangkok). Once this has been allowed to absorb for a few minutes a face wash, usually one containing natural ingredients, is used and washed off. Then the face and neck area is washed with plain lukewarm water. After drying off an exfoliating powder, often containing things like green tea and papaya extract is used to remove any last traces of dead skin and helps achieve the ‘porcelain doll’ looking skin that Thai women are so famous for.

BB Creams

BB Cream


BB Creams have been around in Thailand for years, but it is only very recently that they have begun appearing in the West and although the Westernized versions are OK the original Asian products are usually still the best.

What are BB Creams? The BB stands for Blemish Balm but essentially this is an all in one, foundation like formula that basically takes the place of a number of other cosmetics, including moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation. The finished ‘look’ is not as heavy as a traditional foundation produces though and so it tends to be a more natural looking effect.

Pearl Powder


Another very old Thai beauty secret (this one is centuries old) is the use of pearl powder. Pearl powder is, in actual fact, both taken internally, in capsule form, and applied topically as a finishing powder. When ingested it provides minerals and amino acids that are essential for healthy, youthful skin.

When used as a powder, pearl powder actually diffuses the light as it hits the skin, blurring little imperfections and balancing out any unevenness in skin tone. It’s best when used in conjunction with a BB cream as the combination of the two creates an effect that really is rather stunning.

Blended, Stunning Shadows


Perfectly blended eyeshadow is a trick that takes a little practice but it is an art in which Thai women are well versed, creating an eye look that is flawless, with two or three colors blending together to create a beautiful whole.

Abundant eyelashes are important to the Thai woman’s look as well. Younger women still tend to make great use of luxuriously long false lashes while older ladies opt for a dark mascara and apply several coats. Ask for free makeup samples to practice!

Bold, Bright Lips


Bold lip colors are another hallmark of the ‘Thai look’. In the past reds have been the popular and commonly seen choice but thanks to the likes of the 28 year old Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, the Thai princess who is also a fashion designer and style icon for the nation, darker colors are currently in vogue, especially since the Princess has often been seen sporting to great effect.