Unusual Bangkok Sites for the More Adventurous Traveler to Visit

For some seeing the most common sights when they visit a country is simply not enough. They actively want to see the unusual, slightly strange (or maybe even very strange) sights that a foreign land might have to offer. And if you are one of those people rest assured that Bangkok has plenty to offer you.

From the wild and weird, to the just plain bizarre here are some of the sights that we suggest you seek out if you visit this most wondrous of cities.

The Elephant Building


As many of you probably know the elephant is Thailand’s national animal and very much a revered symbol in Bangkok. You will find the elephant building in the n the Chatuchak district of Bangkok and it’s worth the time to seek it out. The building, which houses a condominium development and a language school, is so named because despite the fact that it is a very modern structure it’s three towers literally form an elephant shape and if you view it from the right edge you can even see the eyes and the tusks!

David Beckham Temple


No, we’re not kidding and we didn’t make a mistake. If you head to Riverside – Rama III Road in Bangkok you will find a temple that used to be known as Wat Pariwat but is now more commonly known as the David Beckham Temple.

Why? Because in 1998 a football (soccer) mad abbot agreed to let a fellow fan who frequented the temple place the golden sculpture he has created of the then Manchester United star next to all of the other icons in the building and the temple now draws in thousands more visitors a year than it used because of it!

Riverside Forensic Museum


This is definitely not a place for the fainted-hearted but if you are the kind of person who is fascinated by the ghoulish then you will love it. The museum houses all manner of strangely fascinating scientific artifacts including the corpses of cannibals, glass jars filled with deformed babies preserved in formaldehyde, some record breaking tape worms (that are dead thank goodness) and many other, slightly gross exhibits.

‘Sathorn Unique’ Ghost Skyscraper

Ghost Tower

Speaking of creepy, although there is no real evidence to suggest there is anything supernatural or haunted about it, this ominous abandoned structure certainly has a rather ghostly air about it.

It was built in the early 90s when the local economy was booming. It was intended to be a luxury condominium complex with the 50th story penthouses being particularly ornate. It was not completed by the time a big economic crisis hit in 1997 though, so work stopped on it and it has been abandoned ever since. It now serves no purpose other than to be a strange tourist attraction and occasionally host large advertising banners.

Shrine Of Goddess Tubtim

Goddess Tubtim

This may not be a place to bring your grandparents or the easily offended, but as quirky, unique places in Bangkok go this shrine is certainly hard to beat.

Dedicated to the fertility goddess Chao Mae Tubtim it is basically an old, very large Sai (Ficus) tree that has been surrounded by various different giant, and often very colorful phalluses over the years. And not only is it a popular tourist attraction but also a place that those, both locals and people from abroad, who are trying to conceive still head, hoping for a little extra help from the goddess.